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DAG Gear Outdoor Adventure equipment

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Product Description
Outdoor camping multi-function tool explosion wild survival equipment SOS self-defense
Place of Origin
Product Name
Sports outdoor camping adventure survival equipment

Each product has many functions, is convenient to carry, and can meet various demands in the process of survival when being put at
home and camping outdoors.
This package includes: 
1. Tactical package X1; 
2. Butterfly flint stick X1;
3. Mountaineering compass X1; 
4. Survival whistle x1;
5.6-in-1 fishing suit X1 (float *2, luminous shrimp *1, fish hook *2, lead biting *2, fishing line *1, splayed ring * 2); 
6.Survival bracelet X1; 
7. Strong flashlight X1;
8. Tactical pen X1; 
9. Warfare knife X1;
10. multifunctional survival axe hammerx1;
11. raincoat x1; 
12. wire saw x1;
13. anti-slip cotton gloves x1; 
14. water bottle buckle x1;
15. Blower tube X1;
16.10mseven-core umbrella rope x1;
17. survival emergency tent x1; 
18. First aid blanket X1; 
19. kindling cotton x2; 
20. multifunctionaltool card x1; 
21. First aid kit X1; 
22. Scissors X1;
23. tweezers x1; 
24. pin X10;;
25. triangle bandage x1; 
26. tourniquet x1;
27. elastic bandage x1; 
28. Non-spinning cloth stickers x2; 
29. Medical adhesive tape X1; 
30. Band-aid X 10; 31. Alcohol tablets x10; 
32. Iodophor Tablets x4; 
33. Anti-mosquito paste X10