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The DAG Touchless Tool.

Reduce your risk of exposure by reducing your contact with surfaces. With the DAG Touchless Tool you can open & close doors, push buttons, use the checkout touchpad, sign your name, use the ATM, open bottles, and more without any skin contact. Convenient & always ready whenever you need it.

So Many Ways To Use The DAG Touchless Tool...

Touchless Entry

Use your DAG Touchless Multitool to open doors without any contact with your skin. Convenient, safe, and always ready.

Touch Screen Compatible

The custom stylus tip on our DAG Touchless Multitool works on all touch screens! Use any ATM, checkout pad, touch screen kiosk, phone, and more.

Touchless Exit

Leave the germs behind with the DAG Touchless Multitool. Make solid contact with any door to easily open without using your bare hand.

Touchless Access

The DAG Touchless Multitool works on more than just entry doors. Use it on refrigerators, for elevator buttons, cabinets, and so much more.

Bottle Opener

The DAG Touchless Multitool tip also works perfectly as a bottle opener. Always have one handy.

Car Door Opener

Easily open car doors with the DAG Touchless Multitool. No skin contact means no germ contact.

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